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Hi, I'm Mikala Kane.

Mikala Kane's Bio:

In my most recent role as executive editor of my college newspaper, I thrived organizing the staff, selecting what articles are written, designing the front page, and writing editorials. As editor I asserted myself as a leader, but at the same time considered the needs of others in my decisions. As a staff writer at a Massachusetts daily newspaper, I enjoyed interviewing new people from various backgrounds, learning their stories and how they contributed to the community. Developing my reporting, writing and editing skills have led to a strong grasp of the English language. My organization and time management skills are vital to meet deadlines, be they for newspapers or not. In my free time I can be found with my nose in a book or in the dance studio, as my personal passions include reading and dance.

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Mikala Kane's Interests & Activities:

Reading, dance, photography

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